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While working on the web site in our office / fitness room with the window open on a hot September day, I heard a flutter of wings followed by a soft and plaintive 'weer' sound.

A collared dove visits the office - what a lovely surprise!

Very large photo - see details close-up.

Photo Description

Slowly, I turned around and to my amazement I saw a collared dove (Streptopelia decaocto) resting on top of our home fitness centre!

After we looked at each other for a while, she graciously allowed me to take three photos of her (luckily, I had the camera in the office with just three shots left).

As you can see, she allowed me to get very close so you can compare her size to that of my hand.

Yes, I'm fully aware that her visit has precious little to do with flowers but it happened in autumn and I really wanted you to meet this lovely lady as well.

After sleeping peacefully for more than an hour, she finally left with the late afternoon sun. - a Gardener's Practical Guide to Natural Cottage Gardening

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