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Cottage garden flower photos - a selection of scenes and sight lines in the autumn gallery.

Cottage gardening is not concerned with individual flowers, carefully tended and kept alive with doses of special fertilizer manufactured by the chemical industry.

Instead, the cottage gardener works with an impressionist canvas, and uses plants as the colours required to create a harmonious balance.

There's just no room for individual plant needs in the cottage gardening style - only tough survivors will make the grade, no artificially created weaklings need apply.

We have never used any artificial fertilizer or chemical spray in our garden - cottage garden plants don't need them.

Using chemicals of any type would eliminate the wildlife that:

Front Garden in Full Colour

These photographs were all taken in autumn 2006, from September to the end of November.

One of our criteria for selecting a cottage garden plant is to answer the question "Does it add colour or fruit in autumn?"

The results of our selection can be seen in the pictures below.

The colours of autumn
The colours of autumn - a colourful view (lot's of pink) seen from the driveway

Chrysanthemums and cosmos
Chrysanthemums and cosmos - view from the hidden arbor over the lily pond bridge.

Rose arch and cosmos
Rose arch and cosmos - driveway view with roses, clematis and cosmos.

Shades of pink
Shades of pink - bridge view of Joe Pye weed, roses and red campion with white phlox.

Marsh mallow in bloom
Marsh mallow in bloom - front door view of pink marsh mallow in the morning

Peace and quiet
Peace and quiet - bridge view of fluffy purple boneset seed heads and a water lily

Pink autumn blaze
Pink autumn blaze - front door view over the bridge to the lily pond hillside

Visited by a collared dove
Visited by a collared dove - what a lovely surprise
for the 'office'!

Winter jasmine
Winter jasmine - street view of sunny winter jasmine
on both sides of our front door

Back Garden in Full Colour

Rose arch in autumn
Rose arch in autumn - colourful view of the rose arch high above Minnie

Sunny garden path
Sunny garden path - knee high garden path view for kids and animals

Bright autumn colour
Bright autumn colour - shades of pink, red and brown in the late afternoon sun

Starking apples in autumn
Starking apples in autumn - the orchard swing seat almost obscured by apples

Pathway to apples
Pathway to apples - view along the path to our apple harvest ripening in the sun

Flowers in the sun
Flowers in the sun - roses and Cuddles the cat basking in the morning sunshine

We hope you enjoyed the autumn flower photos.

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