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Cottage garden flower photos - a selection of scenes and sight lines in the summer gallery.

Cottage gardening is not concerned with individual flowers, which so often require close and regular attention and upkeep.

If a plant does not survive in the natural environment of our garden - and we've had many a failure down the years - then we move on to the next experiment.

The cottage gardener aims to create a complete garden impression so uses a wide range of plants to fill the garden.

Front Garden in Bloom

As you will see, our cottage garden has a very natural appearance, in fact some of our neighbours describe it as "wild".

However, many of our neighbours have gladly accepted seedling plants from us and are growing cottage garden plants themselves today.

These photographs were taken in 2004, 2005 and 2006 during different periods of summer.

The effect can be seen in the pictures below.

A wall of flowers
A wall of flowers - view from the driveway over the lily pond hillside to our cottage

In full bloom
In full bloom - the view in mid-summer from the driveway entrance

Sunny flower border
Sunny flower border - seen from the street near mid-day and it's hot

Late summer flowers
Late summer flowers - view from the front path over the lily pond

So many flowers
So many flowers - from the driveway to the lily pond hill side

Floral visions
Floral visions - view from our front door over the pond to the lilac tree

Late summer harmony
Late summer harmony - view from the front path to the arbor

Hidden by flowers
Privacy - our cottage almost hidden by flowers, bushes and trees

Rose arch in full bloom
Rose arch in full bloom, a view from the side path - it's just spectacular!

View from the bridge
View from the bridge - over the pond to the lilac tree

Afternoon flower border
Afternoon flower border - view from the street

Light and shade effect
Light and shade - the effect of an early morning band of sunshine

The lily pond in full bloom
The lily pond in full bloom - looking down from the bridge

Summer show
Summer show - front garden seen
from the street

Mock orange explosion
Mock orange explosion - from our front door to the right

Butterfly bush hedge and butterflies
Butterfly bush hedge and butterflies - summer close-up view

Floral wilderness
Floral wilderness - view from the front driveway

Nectarine tree in the flower border
Nectarine tree laden with fruit in the middle of a flower border

We hope you enjoyed the summer flower photos.

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