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Cottage garden flower photos - a selection of scenes and sight lines in the spring gallery.

Cottage gardening is not concerned with individual flowers, surrounded by bare earth or a "stony desert" to make each plant the centre of attraction.

A cottage gardener aims to create a complete garden impression - it's the combination of flowering plants that counts.

On our impressionist canvas, the composition, or result, is far greater than the sum of the individual plants.

The cottage gardening style also requires far less maintenance than other styles of gardening.

Aside from the spring tidy-up, there is literally no empty space for weeds to grow as you'll see in the pictures below. So you won't be spending your days weeding uncovered soil - there isn't any!

Front Garden in Bloom

Most of these photographs were taken in April / May 2006.

Once we've sorted out our photo archives, we'll add pictures of the fruit orchard in blossom and the early spring period - March / April.

The scents of spring
The scents of spring - fragrant lilacs and wallflowers with forget-me-not's and tulips

The hidden arbor
The hidden arbor - take a front seat and relax

Romantic spring flowers
Romantic spring flowers - garden view from the driveway

Lily pond and bridge
Lily pond and bridge - front path sight line

Perfume and fragrance bouquet
Perfume and fragrance bouquet - clematis, lilac and wallflowers

Lily pond close-up
Lily pond close-up from the end of the bridge

Spring flower path
Spring flower path - honeysuckle, wisteria and pollarded willows

Open gate with wisteria roof
Open gate with wisteria roof - an invitation to view more

Back Garden in Bloom

Chinese wisteria in full bloom
Chinese wisteria in full bloom seen from the back door

Orchard swing seat
Orchard swing seat - wallflower, forget-me-not, honesty, evening-scented stock and wisteria

Flowers over the sun pond
Flowers over the sun pond
- left

Pool of knowledge close-up
Pool of knowledge close-up - fish, spiderwort, forget-me-nots, star of Bethlehem

Flowers all around
Flowers all around - geranium, spiderwort, forget-me-not and wisteria

Flowers over the sun pond
Flowers over the sun pond
- straight ahead

Relaxing in the swing seat
Relaxing in the swing seat - honesty, quince and Japanese rose / kerria

Scented clematis overhang
Scented clematis overhang - seen from the back of the orchard patio

Flowers over the sun pond
Flowers over the sun pond
- right

Pool of knowledge waterfall
Pool of knowledge waterfall - star of Bethlehem, ferns, bleeding heart.

We hope you enjoyed the spring flower photos.

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