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Your privacy is extremely important to Judy and I.

After all, we value our own privacy and expect others to respect our privacy as well. It works both ways.

What we do with your Private Information

The following privacy policy applies to all activities undertaken by, or on behalf of,, and it's editors, Judy and John Aarsen.

Privacy Policy Rules

Personally Identifiable Information

Personally identifiable information collected on the exceptions pages:

On our exception pages we ask you, the user, to enter and submit information. The exceptions page list specifies:

Personally Identifiable Information: Exception Pages

  1. Contact us @ with mail to link and submission form - used by John Aarsen to answer your submission of a comment or question.

If you feel that we have contravened our privacy policy in any way with respect to yourself, please contact us urgently.

We will do our utmost to solve your complaint to your satisfaction at all times.

You may contact us:

The privacy policy published on this page has a:

  1. Machine Readable Version;
  2. Site Privacy Policy Specification applicable to all site pages - except for the Exception Pages;
  3. Site Forms Privacy Policy Specification applicable to all site form pages - the Exception Pages.

The suitability of this site for children has been:

  1. Labelled by ICRA
  2. Rated by SafeSurf - a Gardener's Practical Guide to Natural Cottage Gardening

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