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Ever enjoyed seeing the white-pink flowers and inhaling the perfumed fragrance of Viburnum bodnantense (x) 'Dawn' in your own garden on a cold, but fine and sunny, winter's day?

Then you will instantly understand why we wanted to have flowers in all four seasons - be it spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Cottage garden plants are healthy - diseases and pests cannot get a foothold and establish themselves, thanks to the sheer variety of plants that are used in the cottage garden.

As for greenfly on the roses, well, the ladybirds and birds remove them for us.

Of course, there are people who do not like our cottage garden style. It's 'too wild' or it uses many plants that are often seen as weeds.

But too us, nature is organized chaos, and we try to capture that impression in our cottage garden design. We are not 'control freaks'.

Take a look at the pictures in our photo galleries and decide whether you'd like to have a natural cottage garden of your own.

The Four Seasons

Flowers in Spring
The scents of spring
The scents of spring
- the period of renewal as mother nature stirs from her winter sleep and the first flowers peep out in the weak sunshine.

The hours of daylight increase rapidly and colours are bright and contrast strongly with the browns and greys of last year's left-over dead plant material.

Birds finding a partner and building nests and the first bees busily collecting pollen can be seen and heard throughout the garden in the spring sunshine - the scent of spring is in the air!

Flowers in Summer
Summer wall of flowers
Summer flower wall
- our home is completely surrounded by a wall of flowers in a wide range of gentle pastel colours.

It's hot and sunny for more than twelve hours a day and the butterflies, bees and birds feed all day - as do the moths at night.

The fragrant scent of roses, honeysuckle, mock orange and lily-of-the-valley fill the garden as we relax and enjoy mother nature's bounty during the endless days of summer.

Flowers in Autumn

The colours of autumn
- the days are getting shorter as the garden prepares to rest.

An array of bright colours unfolds daily as leaves change from green to glorious reds, yellows and browns.

Fruit and berries have ripened, the forest nearby our home is full of edible mushrooms and the pungent aroma of autumn fills the air - it's harvest time!

Time to fill the larder as the cold dark days of winter draw near.

Flowers in Winter
Winter Blanket of Hoarfrost / White Frost
Winter blanket of hoarfrost / white frost
- in the dark and dreary days of winter we're grateful for any flower that lights up the wintry gloom.

It's the period when trees and shrubs give shape and structure in the garden, with clumps of dead plant material, a few green patches and a few flowers to cheer the heart.

A time of rest and reflection and the perfect moment to really look at your garden, see the things you want to change and make plans for the items that need seeing to or repair. - a Gardener's Practical Guide to Natural Cottage Gardening

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