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Mid-summer view from the driveway and rose arch to the lily pond hill side
So many flowers

- summer

Before you complete your cottage garden wish list, please view the principles of design as applied to cottage gardening. A basic understanding of these principles certainly helped us set our cottage garden design objectives.

What do you and Your Family Want?

We believe that compromise (no two wish lists are the same) and a sense of reality (wanting a tree that'll top 20 meters in height within ten years in a small garden is not realistic) are essential in this process.

We suggest that you use the following list structure as a guide:

Maybe our own wish list will serve as an example to help you decide your own garden desires.

What did we want in our Garden?

This is a tricky one. I was a bachelor when I moved into our cottage so the initial design only took my wishes into account. The list below includes some major changes to the original design. Judy and I married soon after so her wishes (and a few practical things that bachelors tend to forget like a washing line) had to be granted as well.

Our Link to larger sketch: 287px x 537px, 13.1 KBgarden measurement sketch shows that the back garden is surrounded by walls on three sides with a wooden fence and hedge behind it on the fourth side. The front garden is open on three sides - the exception is our home.

So what did we want in our dream garden?

Seem like a tall order? Not really

Let's go and sketch a layout plan for your cottage garden. - a Gardener's Practical Guide to Natural Cottage Gardening

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