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Early summer view from our front door over the pond to the lilac tree
Sunny garden path in autumn

- a knee high bird and animal view

We'd always planned to add a natural garden wildlife section to our site but it was going to be added much later, after the plants and features were completed.

But nesting birds cannot wait, so we have now opened (April 2007) the natural cottage garden wildlife directory with the sparrow pages and how you can help sparrows - because they need our help urgently.

Our Guests

  1. The Common House Sparrow - Passer domesticus:
    All about house sparrows - sparrow facts, why the sparrow needs our help, what the cause of the reduction in sparrow numbers is and how we can help them.
    1. Build a Sparrow Hotel - Nest Box for Three Families
      Step-by-step do-it-yourself instructions for building a nest box for three sparrow families - a hotel with countryside views!

Pages Still to Come - a Gardener's Practical Guide to Natural Cottage Gardening

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